Why did we create these books? Or as we like to say our ‘raison d’être’…

Exploration & Creativity.

That’s what drives us to do what we do and be what we want to be.

We began with our first book, ‘Colorful Seattle – Explore & Color’ out of a need to show friends around the world the true colors of this fantastic city. I would say that a troll lived only a few blocks away and no one believed me.

Mention the amazing water adventures to be had by kayak, canoe or SUP, only to be met with polite snickers of “Doesn’t it always rain there?” Not true! We have a Central Library designed by Rem Koolhaas, deep Native American roots as seen in the totem poles of Pioneer Square and a salt-water pool with breathtaking views of neighboring islands at a city park. And yes, you can see all of these for free!

That’s how it started. But then people told us they used the book to map out weekend adventures to places they’d never visited before in their OWN city.


Just proves you don’t have to go far to explore. So with that we decided to explore more cities and create more books – colored pencils and our over-stickered Moleskine notebook always in tow.

We build the books from the ground up. Research – feet on the street – talk to a gazillion people – and too many camera shots to count. Our talented artists then create the whimsical illustrations while we contact every location to obtain approval to be included in our books. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.

With a penchant for modern design and clean lines we’ve captured the unique essence of our favorite cities and created illustrations that allows for your reckless coloring. Whether you’re an arm-chair explorer or have your bag in a constant state of being packed – our Explore & Color™ books can take you deep into cities and let you color along the way. We create the lines and you create the art!

Where will you explore today?

Exploring is Ageless

‘Young at Heart’ is the only requirement to explore and color!

Made in America

Colorful Cities books are 100% created, designed and printed in the USA

All Hands Rule!

Whether you’re a leftie or rightie, our books open at the top so neither hand gets the smudge

Helping City Parks

For every book sold a donation is made to City Park Foundations