Colorful Qs

What do you have in common with Nellie Bly, Jacques Cousteau
and Leif Erikson?

You too are an explorer! Take out the map at the front of the book (it’s perforated at the top of the page!) and look for a section of Seattle, Tokyo or Portland that you may not know anything about. Locate a few numbers of locations in that area, read the descriptions in the following location pages and pick a place to explore. Bus, train, car, bike or foot – you choose. Don’t forget to bring your markers to color along the way.Who knows this may encourage you to find a new planet, sea creature or far and distant land.

How old do you have to be to color?

Old enough to be able to pick up a colored pencil! The Colorful Cities team of colorers range from little sprites to an 80 year-old grandmother and all ages in between. We connect and we create art – with no two pictures looking quite the same. Coloring is a great way to slow down and relax too – try it!

Should you stay or should you go…outside of the lines?

Talk about options for coloring – crayons, colored pencils, gradient textures, Pentel markers, to shadow or not – cowabunga! The options are limitless, so let your coloring express yourself. There are no rules. How cool is that?!

How to go from page in a book to art piece in 30 minutes?

As we like to say, “we draw the lines, but YOU create the art”. Find a page that strikes your fancy, color with care or reckless abandon, fold and remove at the top on the perforation, then hang, frame or post. Also, our illustrations are only printed on one side so you won’t have that nasty marker bleed on the following page. 30 minutes starts now – GO!

What to do if your Colorful Cities art is just so good?

We’d LOVE to see it – share it –and hang it in our on-line Art Gallery! Please send to: or post on social media with #colorfulcities. Can’t wait to see your creation!