Part Travel Guide, Part Coloring Book, Total Fun!

Part Travel Guide, Part Coloring Book, Total Fun!

February 5, 2019

Part Travel Guide, Part Coloring Book, Total Fun!

That’s according to Virtuoso Traveler and we couldn’t agree more with their review of Colorful Havana – Explore and Color. Our books combine the city insights to build your itinerary and the whimsical illustrations to bring those locations to life. We just love this recipe: 1 part travel guide + 1 part coloring book = Total fun!

We’ve heard from a few other press friendly folks and thought you might like to read their creative takes on Colorful Havana.

Midwest Book Review comments that “exploring is made easy” clearly a popular sentiment! They like the idea that Colorful Havana is “recommended for the armchair traveler and anyone who enjoys coloring”. We‘d say that it is for all kinds of travelers—those who want to explore from home, those planning a trip to Havana, or those who have already been!

Dinner at a Paladare (privately-owned restaurants) or vegetable shopping at a traditional Cuban farmer’s market, anyone?  Global Traveler paired a “Cooking in Cuba” trip was paired with Colorful Havana to create a memorable trip.  In their article “Cook and Color Your Way through Havana”, Global Travel shares how perfectly Colorful Havana combines travel and art, “part-travel guide, part artistic adventure [that] even included itinerary suggestions”. It works for both Havana-bound travelers and explorers at home that want to learn more about this rich, diverse culture. And, don’t forget that the location information is in both English and Spanish for all our bilingual explorers or students of Spanish.

Just Another Girl and Her Book’s finds that Colorful Havana’s illustrations are “a nice blend of scene and pattern”. Nice to hear as we do not attempt to create masterful adult coloring schemes, rather we illustrate from our photos to show a sense of place. If it happens to be detailed, then bring it on but we do not focus on making our illustrations something that they are not. Katie of this insightful blog also sees that “exploring is made easy” and that’s our goal! Whether you are out in the world or exploring from home – we want to show you the best of Havana.

So, are you an armchair traveler, planning a trip to Cuba, or a coloring extraordinaire? Come explore Colorful Havana.