Only have an Afternoon in Portland? We’ve got your itinerary…skateboards, tofu and bungalows!

Only have an Afternoon in Portland? We’ve got your itinerary…skateboards, tofu and bungalows!

October 31, 2019

If you’re searching for a fun afternoon in Portland, the search stops here! Step away from the ever-popular downtown to explore the east side of the Willamette River. We love exploring the classic Portland locales but find the city’s hidden gems oh, that more interesting!

Let the adventures begin…

Colorful Portland - Explore and Color Burnside skatepark
Burnside Skate Park

Either bring your own wheels or come watch some pretty amazing local “kids” spin  loops and hit a few drop ins at the Burnside Bridge Skatepark. Located under the east side of the Burnside bridge and originally built without permission, it’s now a sanctioned city skate park (we think this just means it gets trash cans...). A bit rough and gritty (as to be expected) and now between some glossy high-rise apartments – interesting contrast but true PDX.

Colorful Portland - Explore & Colorf Voodoo doughnuts
East Side VooDoo Doughnuts

Looking for audaciously, sweet bite during your afternoon in Portland? Then, head east to Voodoo Doughnuts’ second location and treat yourself to one of their unique doughnuts—anything from a very autumnal pumpkin spice doughnut to an un-doughnut-like flavor such as hibiscus. Of course, bacon maple bars and pretzel stabbed voodoo doughnuts just like the flagship store offers are here too. For all our vegan and non-dairy friends, they’ve got options for you too - this is Portland, remember...

Colorful Portland - Explore and Color Ota Tofu

To counterbalance the sugar, we suggest washing it down with the freshest of fresh soymilk found only at the oldest tofu shop in America and yes, right here in Portland. Since 1922, Ota Tofu has been making tofu from scratch and at this location since 1981. This family run store has been preserving the traditional tofu-making process and the quality is out of this world—just as good as tofu found in Tokyo. Be sure to bring your own containers otherwise it gets placed in a plastic bag. Hiyayakko for dinner, anyone?

Upper Left Roasters

Needto caffeinate? Then make Upper Left Roastersyour next stop. Grab an extra-dry cappuccino (our preferred bev) or a hot teato spend some time on their outdoor patio for a mini break —or take yourbeverage to go for our next must-see spot!

Colorful Portland - Explore and Color

Close out your afternoon by traipsing through Ladd’s Addition. These streets are organized in a diagonal pattern, rather the traditional grid pattern. Take your coffee or tea with you and head through the maze of streets on foot, rather than car. Traditional Pacific Northwest bungalows line this neighborhood. What a perfect way to enjoy a crisp fall afternoon and admire the colorful changing leaves. Pro Tip: Make sure to find the center of the neighborhood where there’s a circular park and rose garden!

Ifyou’re looking for a way to spend a unique afternoon in Portland, take ouradvice and explore both well-known Portland landmarks as well as those thatmake Portland the unique city that it is. In the words of Portland itself, KeepPortland Weird!

Whatother hidden gems in Portland should we explore next?