A New Year with so much to Explore!

A New Year with so much to Explore!

January 14, 2020

We have so many things we’re looking forward to this new year from our collaboration with Global Family Travels, providing you with more travel tips (Hello, Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020!), to exploring new cities very soon.

We’re excited that our friends at Global Family Travels have taken inspiration from Colorful Havana for their upcoming trip to Cuba. And YES, you can still travel to Cuba. The itinerary follows some of Colorful Havana’s destinations which fulfill the “Support the Cuban People” US travel  requirements. On this trip you’ll travel through Havana, with a few day trips along the way, and even a scavenger hunt based on our illustrations. Not to mention stops at several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, very few countries offer such cultural richness.  For more information on the trip through Global Family Travels click here. Listen to Jennifer, Founder of Global Family Travels, speak about the Colorful Havana trip on the This Travel Tribe podcast.

Coloring book illustration of a Havana street with Coco Taxis
Explore Colorful Havana with Global Family Travels

With the Tokyo Summer Olympics this year, we’re looking forward to providing more exploring tips for one of our favorite cities, whether that’s providing you transportation ideas, day trips, or just hidden gems to check out in Tokyo.

A friendly female cashier wearing a fish-shaped headdress checks out a customer
Literally a fish Head?!

Our Colorful Cities team has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on exploring some brand new cities! With that said, we’re excited to share this city with you very soon and hope that it’ll knock the wind out of you a bit. Eh hem, yes, that is a hint! And here’s a wee bit of a sneak peak. Any idea where we are heading?

Coloring book illustration of an aerial view of the downtown Chicago drawbridges
Drawbridges of Downtown

Cheers to a new year, a new decade and a happy 2020 from all of us at Colorful Cities!