Oh, how we love our coffee here at Colorful Cities. We call it our exploring and creative fuel (good excuse for our daily habit!). A milky café au lait to start the day’s schedule, perhaps a pour-over about midday to review illustrations and an extra-dry cappuccino to round out dinner.

Colorful Cities at Caffe Umbria


Since we’re based in Seattle, we have the pleasure of being coffee spoiled. So many splendid choices  – – which we do explore often – – however, we do find ourselves always coming back to our favorite Caffe Umbria’s Gusto Crema. Due expressi por favore!





Exploring Portland and Tokyo, with their own coffee provenance, has made the mission for the perfect cup of the day a sport of sorts.

colorful cities yanaka coffee tokyoYanaka Coffee in Higashi-Ginza is one of the most charming roasteries in Tokyo (and probably smallest). A hidden respite in the heart of this hyper-busy part of town.

With all the usual offerings of any good coffee house, do go out of your way to buy a few of their mini one cup pour-overs for times when only can coffee is available – sigh… (a common sight throughout Japan). We broke one out on a trip to Yudanka in Nagano-ken and were the happiest bathers at the onsens! Perhaps it was a little sacrilegious to brew in a tea cup, but when times are tough – we have to be creative!

Yanaka Coffee in Colorful Cities Tea Cup

Colorful Pour-Over Coffee PDX


Where to begin or end the coffee game in Portland – that IS a monumental question! While we are a caffeine slave to the ol’ Portland classic, Stumptown Coffee. Just recently we had the delight of shopping at the Portland Farmers Market at PSU where we were buying winter vegetables when out of the corner of the eye we could see (and perhaps smell) the slow process of pour-over coffee. Well that sure added a nice skip in our morning step!




So right about now it is time for round two this morning. Now which coffee cup to use? And that my friends is another coffee obsession for us that we’ll leave to another writing!

Colorful Cities Coffee Break

Sip well and happy exploring!