Colorful Portland - Explore and Color - Lan Su Chinese Garden

Gung Hay Fat Choy –  Happy Chinese New Year – Happy Year of the Rooster!

The Chinese New Year celebration continues for fifteen days and ends with the famed Lantern Festival. While this festival is centuries old and deeply rooted in Chinese history, mythology and tradition, people today use it as a time to honor their ancestors and spending time with family and friends. Families come together to cleanse the home, removing any seeds of ill feeling and welcoming incoming good luck–which is something we should all attempt to do now and then. Friends and family gather to cook, dine and be thankful for the luck they have and for what is to come. The Chinese New Year is celebrated around the globe, and the Colorful Cities team encourages you to visit the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon during this time (or anytime, for that matter). The garden is truly breathtaking and has been dubbed one of the most authentic Chinese gardens outside of China. It’s a tranquil oasis in the middle of the bustling city. If you don’t happen to be in Portland during this time, check out our rendition of the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Colorful Portland: Exploring Guide and Coloring Book. We can assure you that coloring can be just as relaxing and thought provoking, if not more, as visiting the gardens in person.

Colorful Cities bases our books on the hidden gems and intricacies of cities, and we love sharing that knowledge with our avid readers and colorers. But in addition to physically exploring different cities, we like to encourage others to also explore the wonderful array of cultures and beliefs of cities. Not only do we then get the opportunity to try different cuisines, learn new words and meet fascinating people, but we come to understand how and why other cultures function. At our core, we all have the same intentions: happiness, health, and spending time with our loved ones. Sometimes these things are taken for granted, but the Chinese New Year gives us another chance to revisit gratitude and understanding. Whether you choose to visit the Lan Su Chinese Garden this weekend, color, or have dinner with your family, remember that exploring how another culture celebrates its holiday is one of the greatest treasures.