We’ve been heads down working on our forth book. Exploring the world – Yaouza! So here’s the skinny on how our sausage is made.

Review our list of amazing cities in the world that we feel need to be explored beyond what the tour book proclaims. So many places for our sneakers to track.

Get the whole gang on board with the recon work. Our best findings come from speaking with others that have visited.

Deep dive visit with hundreds of photos. Thank god ‘film’ is a thing of the past because we go mad crazy zipping pics of the small and interesting – – door handles, hair-dos, dogs on the street.

Come back to Seattle and prepare oodles of pictures and ideas for our amazing illustrators.

Rinse, repeat and publishing soon! This is a lot of work for a small company, but we like to think we’re big so we take on these long, arduous projects. Yes, we’re crazy in love with what we do!

Ok, so you’re asking “what the heck is the next Explore & Color book?”

Here’s a few hints – – fresh mango & guava juice; habla español; humongous history; neo-classical architecture; crazy friendly locals; Celia Cruz

Ok, so that last one was an easy give-away. Here’s to more Exploring our amazing world in 2018!